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5de58df3e55ce0f5675850e113106f60 * e6ff3506740a6613ebb16c63cdda3112 *SRBMiner-Multi-2-4-2-Linux.tar.xz

  • Minor performance improvement on algorithm 'karlsenhash'

  • Added support for AMD gfx906 (VII) GPU's on Linux for drivers > 22.40

  • Added telemetry for INTEL ARC GPU's on Windows

  • Fixed power draw metric for AMD RDNA3 GPU's on Windows

  • Minor bug fixes

Custom miner for Hiveos

To use it you need to select “Custom miner” when you create Flight Sheet and paste this into 'Installation url' :

After that you must set everything manually through the 'Extra config arguments' field by using SRBMiner parameters ( )

HiveOS update script from v2.4.1 to v2.4.2:

cd /tmp && wget && tar -xvf SRBMiner-Multi-2-4-2-Linux.tar.xz && cd SRBMiner-Multi-2-4-2 && miner stop && cp SRBMiner-MULTI /hive/miners/srbminer/2.4.1 && miner start