Ultima uscita


  • Added support for PyrinHash algo – Pyrin (PYI), for NVIDIA. Fee: 0.8%.
  • Added support for KarlsenHash algo – Karlsen (KLS), Nexell-ia for NVIDIA. Fee: 0.8%.
  • Added support for dual mining with PyrinHash/KarlsenHash (X + PYI/KLS/NXL), for NVIDIA.(1)
  • Added support for triple mining with PyrinHash/KarlsenHash + Zilliqa (X + PYI/KLS/NXL + ZIL), for NVIDIA. (1)
  • Added --no-ocx option: miniZ will not run ocx at the begging (previous default). (2)
  • Added --powerf option: applies a fraction of the nominal power to all gpus. (requires sudo/administrator privileges)
  • Added various options for dual mining: --url2, --dualw, --dualw-all, --dual-mode, --dualmode-all.
  • Added --profit/--accprofit options to shows a rough estimate of daily/session profits on the console. Provided by
  • Improved automatic algo detection.
  • Removed support for obsolete Kepler GPUS in most algos. (Still possible with Ethash, ProgPoW, and Equihash 210,9).
  • Improved ocx functionality. On start, miniZ will take a few seconds to perform ocx.
  • Major improvement for ETH/progpow invalid/stale shares.
  • Various minor/major fixes.

(1) X refers to any miniZ supported algo. See FAQ. (2) From this version, miniZ will always run at start ocx by default. You can use --no-ocx option to disable ocx from performing at the begining.

Windows (psswrd: miniZ) eff2897b21081a4e68358560cf49a555eae80db373595c5f8b1b01208f1093b3
miniZ.exe: 1c56352bfd2cd859fdd09896f24e96368defb259103435b4724db4a761821e35
miniZ_gui.exe: 50f1e398e8248c51f296b4f602ad8fee9a8bbf69105c0ff81f71e4268452afe6

miniZ_v2.3c_linux-x64.tar.gz: 61ea0801f5222a766e18da72b0124e20f88af9abca0adab70f7c0b5db7d7b9ab
miniZ: fb15fd2b022c6a5819ee70e7c8c3959407ec01e731a520341dd6546cd7601e09