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Latest release

Release v11.1.0 of BzMiner. All feedback is welcome ;)

What's in this release (v11.1.0)

  • New coin: Zil (0% dev fee)
  • Triple Mining with Zil + any dual combo (Using flexpool's ZMP protocol)
  • Dual Mining with Zil + any algo (Using flexpool's ZMP protocol)
  • Partial Chinese translation
  • Added lang option (en or cn)
  • Added force_algo2 option
  • Renamed column option miner mh to miner_hr
  • Renamed column option pool mh to pool_hr
  • Fixed duplicate shares on large rigs
  • Simplified readme
  • Added readme_cn.txt for chinese
  • (minor) AMD Kaspa improvements

What's in this release (v11.0.3 Hotfix)

  • Fixed dual Kaspa duplicate shares
  • Fixed Ergo on AMD taking too long to generate DAG
  • Fixed empty worker name not using a default
  • Lowered default time for hung gpu, hung_gpu_ms
  • Fixed Rejeced shares watchdog
  • Added oc_reset_on_exit option
  • Added --nc 1 to all script files (do not write to config by default)
  • Fixed BzMiner exit taking too long

What's in this release

  • New coin: Ergo (0.5% dev fee)

  • New coin: Neoxa (0.5% dev fee)

  • New dual: Ergo + Kaspa (Nvidia only)

  • Improved Kaspa AMD performance (AMD, THANKS WOLF!)

  • Improved Overall AMD performance on all algos

  • Replaced kawpow with rvn. (kawpow still works for backwards compatibility)

  • Now supports both Kaspa pool protocols (and still solo mining)

  • Network stability updates

  • Updated tbs_watchdog to support time since last share rather than based on estimated tbs

    • by default, will use est. tbs percentage before watchdog is triggered (value of 100 would be 100x ext before watchdog is triggered)
    • appending s, m, h, or d will result in tbs only triggering after no shares found for specified amount of time
    • eg. "tbs_watchdog": "2.5m" will cause tbs watchdog to trigger if no shares found for 2.5 minutes
  • Updated uptime format (removed seconds)

  • Updated status column, put LHR in parenthesis

  • Added tsls column option, time since last share

  • Reset overclocks on exit

  • Added opencl_workgroup_size option

  • Added console inputs:

    • Esc : Shutdown BzMiner
    • Space : Refresh console output
    • Arrow Keys : Adjust intensity (up/down first algo, left/right second algo)
  • Fixed system time change causing mainloop to not respond

  • Fixed multi mining issue with reconnecting one pool causes all pools to reconnect

  • Fixed extra nonce issue on some algos

  • Fixed BzMiner exit sequence

  • EXPERIMENTAL: Timings (very experimental, and probably buggy)

    • Replaced log_device_timings with advanced_device_timings
    • Shows timings table (Nvidia Only)
    • Some timings may be incorrect, this will be fixed in a future release
    • stores timings in config.txt in device_overrides
    • Can set all timings by setting set_timings to true. THIS MAY NOT WORK! (only works for nvidia 10 series currently, but working on later cards!)
    • Example output:
"timings": {
    "set_timings": true,
    "rc": 98,
    "ras": 61,
    "rcdrd": 39,
    "rcdwr": 31,
    "faw": 20,
    "rp": 37,
    "wr": 40,
    "cl": 31,
    "ccdl": 3,
    "ccds": 2,
    "ref": 4,
    "rrd": 5


  • includes the CLI for windows
  • bzminer_v11.1.0_linux.tar.gz includes the CLI for Linux

Ubuntu 16.04 (requires Cuda 11.2 install). Only use if on Ubuntu 16.04

  • bzminer_v111.0_ubuntu_1604.tar.gz includes the CLI for Linux


MD5: 6d913f8a899a19d809518c0adf2ce33b SHA256: 6fa6469311898ce71f4384a8e0dc58f9252e8dcf2cef966c6d80c63e41fdc106


MD5: 51381d378d56e22c96ec46ee7262cd5c SHA256: 57987e885e167b3ea4546c15bcea80ceaebdd4569ccaa277533897c95d503e5c

bzminer_v11.1.0_ubuntu_1604.tar.gz: (Not yet available, 16.04 build pc temporarily down)


Bzminer .bat File Examples

EthereumPOW (ETHW)

bzminer.exe -a ethash -w WALLET_ADDRESS -p stratum+tcp:// -r WORKER_NAME

EthereumFair (ETHF)

bzminer.exe -a ethash -w WALLET_ADDRESS_ETHF.WORKER_NAME -p stratum+tcp://

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

bzminer.exe -a etchash -w WALLET_ADDRESS -p stratum+tcp:// -r WORKER_NAME

Kaspa (KAS)

bzminer.exe -a kaspa -w WALLET_ADDRESS_KAS.WORKER_NAME -p stratum+tcp://

Ergo (ERG)

bzminer.exe -a ergo -w WALLET_ADDRESS_ERG.WORKER_NAME -p stratum+tcp://

Ravencoin (RVN)

bzminer.exe -a kawpow -w WALLET_ADDRESS -p stratum+tcp:// -r WORKER_NAME

Alephium (ALPH)

bzminer.exe -a alph -w WALLET_ADDRESS -p stratum+tcp:// -r WORKER_NAME

EthereumPOW and Alephium Dual Mining

bzminer.exe -a ethash -w WALLET_ADDRESS_ETH -p stratum+tcp:// --a2 alph --w2 WALLET_ADDRESS_ALPH --p2 stratum+tcp://

EthereumFair and Alephium Dual Mining

bzminer.exe -a ethash -w WALLET_ADDRESS_ETHF -p stratum+tcp:// --a2 alph --w2 WALLET_ADDRESS_ALPH --p2 stratum+tcp://

Ethereum Classic and Alephium Dual Mining

bzminer -a etchash -w WALLET_ADDRESS_ETC -p stratum+tcp:// --a2 alph --w2 WALLET_ADDRESS_ALPH --p2 stratum+tcp://

EthereumPOW and Kaspa Dual Mining

bzminer -a ethash -w WALLET_ADDRESS_ETH -p stratum+tcp:// --a2 kaspa --w2 WALLET_ADDRESS_KAS --p2 stratum+tcp://

EthereumFair and Kaspa Dual Mining

bzminer -a ethash -w WALLET_ADDRESS_ETHF -p stratum+tcp:// --a2 kaspa --w2 WALLET_ADDRESS_KAS --p2 stratum+tcp://

Ethereum Classic and Kaspa Dual Mining

bzminer -a etchash -w WALLET_ADDRESS_ETC -p stratum+tcp:// --a2 kaspa --w2 WALLET_ADDRESS_KAS --p2 stratum+tcp://

Bzminer Setup

Download the latest Bzminer from the link above. After that, extract the archive and go to the folder with the miner. Select the coin you are interested in for mining and edit the .bat file. If you have not yet chosen what you want to mine, then we recommend that you first go to our mining calculator, where you can specify your video card and get the most profitable coin for the current day. Above you will find ready-made examples of bat files for each coin that you can mine on our pool. You will only have to specify your wallet address and, if desired, the name of the worker (rig).

Bzminer Basic Commands

-a, -a2 selection of algorithm for main and dual mining;
--disable disables the specified video cards from mining. A space is used as a separator. Use the device ID in the format pci_bus:pci_device (eg --disable 1:0 3:0). Use the --devices command to find the device IDs. In HiveOS, this parameter is set in the add. configuration;
-w this field specifies the address of your wallet or the address of the account on the pool;
--w2 to specify the second address if you mine in dual mode;
--pool_password, --pool_password2 password, use x by default;
-w, --worker, --worker2 worker name (rig ). It is set either as a separate parameter or through a dot after the wallet address;
--cpu-priority the level of CPU utilization during mining on a video card. The default is set to 2. If the processor does not pull, you can set 0. The maximum value is 5;
--reconnect-on-fail-shares reconnect the miner to the pool in case of receiving rejected shares from the pool ;
--nvidia 1mine only on Nvidia devices;
--amd 1mine only on AMD devices;
-h, --help display all available commands.

Bzminer Overclocking

--oc_lock_core_clock Lock core overclock value. You can also set different values ​​for video cards by specifying their ID, for example --oc_lock_core_clock 1000 1200 1300 (1000 for video card with ID0, 1200 for video card with ID1, 1300 for video card with ID2);
--oc_lock_memory_clock Lock overclock value in memory. You can also set different values ​​for video cards separated by a space;
--oc_core_clock_offset sets the core clock frequency of the video card in MHz. A space-separated value can be specified for multiple cards;
--oc_memory_clock_offset sets the graphics card memory frequency in MHz. You can specify a value for several cards through a space;
--oc_power_limit specifying the power limit (video card consumption), in watts. Through a space, you can specify a value unique for each card. For example --oc_power_limit 140 150 160 150.

Bz miner Common Errors/Issues

bzminer hung gpu detected - overclocking. Turn down your settings. If this does not help, update the miner to the latest version.

Dev Fees

ETH - 0,5%
ETC - 0,5%
RVN - 0,5%
ALPH - 0,5%
Kaspa - 0,5%

Bzminer API

--http_address specifies the IP address to listen on for the HTTP API. The default is;
--http_port sets the port. The default port is 4014.

Bz miner not starting

If you have Windows OS and the miner crashes immediately at startup, then add pause to the second line of the miner. Next, start the miner and read the error. After that, double-check your miner settings. If you have HiveOS or any other OS - go to the miner console and look at the logs of what is happening in the miner. After that, double-check your miner settings.