Q: How does your payment system work?
A: Payments are made automatically after the min. payout threshold is reached. Payments do not depend on time, there can be as many payments as you like.
Q: I am mining, but my balance does not change.
A: If you have such a question, it is likely that the pool of the coin you are mining on has not yet found the block. This happens, and you don't need to be upset. Feel free to go to the coin page you are mining and see at what time the last block was. As soon as the pool finds a new block, you receive a reward.
Q: My coins are hanging in pending, not balance.
A: There are coins, for example ERGO, which block "opens" only after 720 network confirmations. In other words, the coins are "maturing", and you just have to wait. To see the percentage of maturation, go to your personal statistics, tab "Finance" / "Accruals" (last page).
Q: I am mining but coins are still on pool side.
A: Please check that the coins are on balance row (not pending), you mined more than minimum payout threshold and payouts enabled.
Q: Do you have any monitoring tools?
A: Yes, you can track your rigs with Telegram bot (t.me/woolypoolycom_bot) or Mobile app MinerBox (http://www.witplex.com/MinerBox/), available on iOS and Android.
Q: How to sign up on pool?
A: Registration is optional, you can mine directly to your coin wallet address. However, by signing an account on pool, you receive a number of advantages:
- change the payout threshold amount;
- change "on the fly" withdrawal address;
- one address for all coins listed on pool;
- disable payments feature.
Want to sign up? Follow this guide - https://medium.com/@Woolypooly_com/wooly-user-accounts-bc0c70345e4f
Q: I haven't received a confirmation email. What should I do?
A: Please check your "Spam" folder and also "Promotions" tab if you use gmail.com. If no email there pls contact as through support.
Q: I am mining on pool account. How can I withdraw coins?
A: Sign in to your pool account. Click on "Change wallet" menu, paste withdraw address there and confirm this action by mail.
Q: My workers are not shown. What do I have to do?
A: Workers appear in a 1-5 minutes time frame. Pls wait a little bit.
Q: My worker marked as offline (red dot) but my rig is working.
A. That happens if the miner doesn't sent shares for 7 minutes. There could be several reasons for that - if miner mines the dev off or shares diff is too high for your rig. Check your rig in 10 minutes. If not still there - double check you miner settings.
Q: Can I mine to an exchange wallet?
A: Yes, you can.
Q: What is your payment method?
Q: What is PPLNS/WPDS?
A: PPLNS means Pay Per Last N Shares. This method calculates your payments based on the number of shares you submitted during a shift. You only get paid out once a block is actually found. PPLNS is a perfect method for loyal pool members over pool hoppers. On average, PPLNS earns more than PPS (Pay Per Share) by 5% or so in the long run. We have the modified version of PPLNS, pls read this article for more information.
Q: What is SOLO?
A: SOLO means mining without other miners. We give you independent connection to the node and calculates your payments based on blocks you found.
Q: What is effort?
A: Effort is a number of submitted hashes divided by the actual difficulty. Some people call it "Luck". Current effort refers to block that is being mined right now. In normal situation long-term effort has to be 100%.
Q: What is participation?
A: Participation means your percent from pool rewards. It grows slowly step by step until the participation bar is fully filled.
Q: Why does the block marked blue?
A: It's uncle block.
Q: What is uncle block?
A: It's the block founded a few ms less by another pool. However, we've got some bonus. This is normal.
Q: Why does the block marked red?
A: It's orphan block.
Q: What is orphan block?
A: It's the block rejected by the network. Shit happens.
Q: What coins do you list on?
A: We are looking for short and long-term perspective projects. With good volume, great team and product in general.