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Latest release


  • <b>Added AMD support for ETH, for Ellesmere GPUs and gfx1031 (RX 6700 XT) GPUs.</b>.
  • <b>Added AMD support for 144,5, for Ellesmere GPUs and gfx1031 (RX 6700 XT) GPUs.</b>.
  • <b>Fixed support for AMD GPUs, on Windows. </b>
  • <b>Fixed issues with AMD support for 125,4 (Flux), for Ellesmere GPUs and gfx1031 (RX 6700 XT) GPUs. </b>

OCs for LHR GPUs - ETH mining (sudo recommended, in Linux)

We also leave here information regarding the OCs we used for testing (driver 510.54). Note that you may need to adjust a bit for your system. We recommend using sudo in Linux when mining ETH with LHR GPUs.

  • 3060: core: -100, mem:+2990 (Linux)*, PL=115 W; ~39 MH/s
  • 3070 Ti: core: -200, mem: +4500 (Linux)*, PL=215 W; ~65 MH/s
  • 3080 Ti: core: +0, mem: +2600 (Linux)*, PL=266 W. ~79 MH/s (~84 MH/s with proper cooling)

On Windows, memory clock with MSI Afterburner should be half of the indicated value. For example, for the 3080 Ti you need to set +1300 for memory clock in MSI Afterburner. Note that you may need to adjust a bit for your system.

Windows (psswrd: miniZ) 1211d7d231a7147c792cbb8e2242728cb4955cd083337d1fc52728072537a7a9
miniZ.exe: bd74d773f57a4f549c39ef9421bda72c0a79e1bfe66ef840ef462e94453de1d7
miniZ_gui.exe: f0ecf1ee0ff9ec97fa96081befcf7c66311178b7dfa4ca92846a84d57f0b30277

miniZ_v1.8z2_linux-x64.tar.gz: af7f8590823d10a56271e32e3da234ee391efe95949fe0752b9c2587715aea2e
miniZ: 7a12361c1788bad6d0068ecb7c4c10421ac3223bda42f8b3328fa94c835f79c2

Miniz .bat file examples

Ethereum (ETH)

miniZ.exe [email protected]:3096: -p x --par=ethash

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

miniZ.exe [email protected]:35000: -p x --par=etchash

Ravencoin (RVN)

miniZ.exe [email protected]:55555: -p x --par=kawpow


miniZ.exe [email protected]:3104: -p x --par=progpow --pers=firo


miniZ.exe [email protected]:33333: -p x --par=210,9 --pers=AION0PoW


miniZ.exe [email protected]:3098: -p x --par=progpow --pers=veil

Flux (Zelcash)

miniZ.exe [email protected]:3092: -p x --par=125,4 --pers=ZelProof

Miniz crypto miner setup

Download the latest Miniz. After that, extract the archive and go to the folder with the miner. Create a .bat file yourself or use the miner's GUI interface. If you have not yet chosen what you want to mine, then we recommend that you first go to our mining calculator, where you can specify your video card and get the most profitable coin for the current day. Above you will find ready-made examples of bat files for each coin that you can mine on our pool. You will only have to specify your wallet address and, if desired, the name of the worker (rig).

Miner basic commands

--cuda-devices= only specific video cards will be mined, the ID is set without spaces separated by commas. Example --cuda-devices=0,2,3.

GPU temperature monitor

--templimit= set the temperature limit, upon reaching which the miner will be stopped for one minute. For example, --templimit=65

Dev Fees

ETH - 0,75%
ETC - 0,75%
RVN - 1%
Veil - 1%
Firo - 1%
Sero - 1%
ZEL - 2%
AION - 2%

Miniz not starting

If you have Windows OS and the miner crashes immediately at startup, then add pause to the second line of the miner. Next, start the miner and read the error. After that, double-check your miner settings. If you have HiveOS or any other OS - go to the miner console and look at the logs of what is happening in the miner. After that, double-check your miner settings.