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Latest release

30e5aeba98659afdc1b560ae7009d380 * b3bfc5b46fb8b80a17ec263518498fb2 *SRBMiner-Multi-2-1-0-Linux.tar.xz

  • Added support for INTEL Alchemist architecture (INTEL ARC 300/500/700)

  • ZIL is now mineable in any single/dual algorithm combination [triple mining]*

  • Added ZIL parameters '--zil-enable', '--zil-pool', '--zil-wallet', '--zil-password', '--zil-esm', '--zil-epoch', '--zil-oc-script'

  • Added ZIL OC parameters '--zil-cclock', '--zil-mclock', '--zil-coffset', '--zil-moffset', '--zil-plimit'

  • Added auto buffer mode for ZIL mining*

  • Added parameters '--disable-gpu-intel', '--gpu-disable-auto-buffer'

  • Added OC parameters '--gpu-cclock1', '--gpu-mclock1', '--gpu-coffset1', '--gpu-moffset1', '--gpu-plimit1'

  • Removed parameters '--gpu-ethash-dag-cache', '--a0-is-zil'

  • Renamed parameters '--a0-start-script' to '--a0-oc-script' , '--a1-start-script' to '--a1-oc-script', '--start-script-delay' to '--oc-delay'

  • Added '--esm 2' which indicates that 'EthereumStratum/1.0.0' + nicehash mode is used for communication with the pool*

  • Allowed separator ',' (comma) which can be used as an alternative for the current '!' separator in all parameters except in '--password'

  • Added custom miner version for Hiveos so you can run 2 SRBMiner instances on the same rig*

  • Minor bug fixes

This is the first release that supports INTEL Alchemist GPU's, so please report any bug/s you find in the discord support channel.

Algorithms currently supported on INTEL Alchemist GPU's [more algorithms soon]:

  • kaspa
  • sha512_256d_radiant
  • sha256dt
  • blake3_alephium
  • heavyhash

No readings from sensors yet (clocks, temp, etc.)

ZIL mining parameters

--zil-enable --zil-pool --zil-wallet --zil-password --zil-esm --zil-epoch

Every parameter except '--zil-enable' and '--zil-epoch' can have multiple values separated with ! (or now also ,) You can define multiple ZIL pools, with different wallets for example.

'--zil-epoch' parameter isn't needed now, but it can be used in the future if Zilliqa decides to change the work epoch from 0.

GPU OC parameters [NVIDIA ONLY]

First algorithm [A0]:

--gpu-cclock0 --gpu-mclock0 --gpu-coffset0 --gpu-moffset0 --gpu-plimit0 --a0-oc-script

Second algorithm [A1]:

--gpu-cclock1 --gpu-mclock1 --gpu-coffset1 --gpu-moffset1 --gpu-plimit1 --a1-oc-script


--zil-cclock --zil-mclock --zil-coffset --zil-moffset --zil-plimit --zil-oc-script

OC parameters are used to set GPU clocks, offsets, etc.. SRBMiner supports algo switching (--multi-algorithm-job-mode 3 and ZIL), so these parameters can be used to change GPU's OC on every algo change!

For example if you mine ETC+ZIL, miner will set OC for ETC on miner start from --gpu-...0 parameters. When ZIL window opens, miner will apply the OC settings you defined with --zil-.. parameters. When ZIL window closes, miner will apply OC settings you defined with --gpu-...0 parameters again.

--zil-oc-script : Path to an executable script (.sh or .bat) which can call external tools to set GPU OC parameters right before switching to ZIL mining. When ZIL mining period is finished, --a0-oc-script will be called (if user set it) before switching back to main algorithm mining.

--oc-delay can be used to define a delay (in seconds) after the OC settings were applied. Default value is 3 sec.

New functionality : auto switch on some algos to '--gpu-buffer-mode 1' on GPU's that probably wont have enough VRAM for ZIL dag and the main algo memory requirements. Works only if the auto tune parameter is NOT used. To disable this functionality use : '--gpu-disable-auto-buffer' parameter. If you did not disable auto buffer mode, but miner crashes on algorithm switching (probably because of the mentioned reason - not enough VRAM), just add manually the --gpu-buffer-mode 1 parameter

Examples on how to set up ZIL mining in different combinations:

TIP : if your GPU doesn't have enough memory to hold the buffers of every algorithm you use, try adding '--gpu-buffer-mode 1' parameter

  1. Mine ETHW+ZIL on : --algorithm ethash --pool --wallet ETHW-WALLET.ZIL-WALLET

  2. Mine RADIANT+ZIL, RADIANT on, ZIL on : --algorithm sha512_256d_radiant --pool --wallet RADIANT-WALLET --zil-enable --zil-pool --zil-wallet ZIL-WALLET --zil-esm 2

  3. Mine ERGO+NOVO+ZIL, ERGO on, NOVO on, ZIL on : --algorithm autolykos2 --pool --wallet ERGO-WALLET --algorithm sha256dt --pool --wallet NOVO-WALLET --zil-enable --zil-pool --zil-wallet ZIL-WALLET --zil-esm 2

  4. Mine EPIC+KASPA+ZIL, EPIC on, KASPA on, ZIL on : --algorithm progpow_epic --pool --wallet 51POOL-USERNAME --algorithm kaspa --pool --wallet KASPA-WALLET --zil-enable --zil-pool --zil-wallet ZIL-WALLET --zil-esm 2 --multi-algorithm-job-mode 3

Now comes the fun part. Adding GPU OC parameters. For simplicity the example will have 2 GPU's (id's 0 and 1) that use different OC settings.

  1. Mine RADIANT+ZIL, RADIANT on, ZIL on : --algorithm sha512_256d_radiant --pool --wallet RADIANT-WALLET --zil-enable --zil-pool --zil-wallet ZIL-WALLET --zil-esm 2 --gpu-id 0!1 --gpu-cclock0 1600!1800 --gpu-mclock0 810!810 --zil-cclock 1200!1300 --zil-mclock 5001!8000

  2. Mine EPIC+KASPA+ZIL, EPIC on, KASPA on, ZIL on : --algorithm progpow_epic --pool --wallet 51POOL-USERNAME --algorithm kaspa --pool --wallet KASPA-WALLET --zil-enable --zil-pool --zil-wallet ZIL-WALLET --zil-esm 2 --multi-algorithm-job-mode 3 --gpu-id 0!1 --gpu-cclock0 1200!1300 --gpu-mclock0 5001!8000 --gpu-cclock1 1700!1800 --gpu-mclock1 810!810 --zil-cclock 1200!1300 --zil-mclock 5001!8000

--esm values : 0 - getwork/ETHPROXY 1 - EthereumStratum/1.0.0 2 - EthereumStratum/1.0.0 + nicehash mode

Custom miner for Hiveos

To use it you need to select “Custom miner” when you create Flight Sheet and paste this into 'Installation url' :

After that you must set everything manually through the 'Extra config arguments' field by using SRBMiner parameters ( )

HiveOS update script from v2.0.2 to v2.1.0:

cd /tmp && wget && tar -xvf SRBMiner-Multi-2-1-0-Linux.tar.xz && cd SRBMiner-Multi-2-1-0 && miner stop && cp SRBMiner-MULTI /hive/miners/srbminer/2.0.2 && miner start


Srbminer .bat File Examples

EthereumPOW (ETHW)

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm ethash --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS --worker WORKER_NAME --gpu-boost 3

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm etchash --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS --worker WORKER_NAME --gpu-boost 3

Ravencoin (RVN)

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm kawpow --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS --worker WORKER_NAME --gpu-boost 3

Kaspa (KAS)

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm kaspa --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME --password x

Radiant (RXD)

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm sha512_256d_radiant --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME

Vertcoin (VTC)

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm verthash --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS --worker WORKER_NAME --password c=VTC,zap=VTC!x --gpu-boost 3


SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm firopow --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS --worker WORKER_NAME --gpu-boost 3


SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm autolykos2 --gpu-autolykos2-preload 1 --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS --worker WORKER_NAME --gpu-boost 3

Alephium (ALPH)

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm blake3_alephium --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS --worker WORKER_NAME --password x

Raptoreum (RTM)

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-gpu --algorithm ghostrider --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS --worker WORKER_NAME

ERGO + ALPH Dual Mining

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm autolykos2;blake3_alephium --pool; --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS_ERGO;WALLET_ADDRESS_ALPH --gpu-boost 3

ETHW + ALPH Dual Mining

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm ethash;blake3_alephium --pool; --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS_ETH;WALLET_ADDRESS_ALPH --gpu-boost 3

ETHW + Kaspa Dual Mining

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --gpu-auto-tune 1 --algorithm ethash --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS_ETH.WORKER_NAME --algorithm kaspa --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS_KAS.WORKER_NAME --gpu-boost 3

ETHW + Radiant Dual Mining

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm ethash --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS_ETHW.WORKER_NAME --algorithm sha512_256d_radiant --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS_RXD.WORKER_NAME --gpu-boost 3

ETHW + ZIL Dual Mining

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --a0-is-zil --multi-algorithm-job-mode 3 --algorithm ethash;ethash --pool POOL_ZIL:ПОРТ; --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS_ETH.WALLET_ADDRESS_ZIL.WORKER_NAME_ZIL;WALLET_ADDRESS_ETH --password x;WORKER_NAME_ETH --gpu-boost 3;0

Ethereum Classic (ETC) + Radiant Dual Mining

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm etchash --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS_ETC.WORKER_NAME --algorithm sha512_256d_radiant --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS_RXD.WORKER_NAME --gpu-boost 3

ERGO + ZIL Dual Mining

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --a0-is-zil --multi-algorithm-job-mode 3 --algorithm ethash;autolykos2 --pool POOL_ZIL:ПОРТ; --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS_ETH.WALLET_ADDRESS_ZIL.WORKER_NAME_ZIL;WALLET_ADDRESS_ERGO --password x;WORKER_NAME_ERGO --gpu-boost 3;0

ERGO + Kaspa Dual Mining

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm autolykos2 --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS_ERG.WORKER_NAME --algorithm kaspa --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS_KAS.WORKER_NAME --gpu-boost 3

ERGO + Radiant Dual Mining

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm autolykos2 --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS_ERG.WORKER_NAME --password x --algorithm sha512_256d_radiant --pool --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS_RXD.WORKER_NAME --gpu-boost 3

VTC + ZIL Dual Mining

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --a0-is-zil --multi-algorithm-job-mode 3 --algorithm ethash;verthash --pool POOL_ZIL:ПОРТ; --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS_ETH.WALLET_ADDRESS_ZIL.WORKER_NAME_ZIL;WALLET_ADDRESS_VTC --password x;WORKER_NAME_VTC --gpu-boost 3;0

Srbminer Crypto Miner Setup

Download the latest Srbminer from the link above. After that, extract the archive and go to the folder with the miner. Select the coin you are interested in for mining and edit the .bat file. If you have not yet chosen what you want to mine, then we recommend that you first go to our mining calculator, where you can specify your video card and get the most profitable coin for the current day. Above you will find ready-made examples of bat files for each coin that you can mine on our pool. You will only have to specify your wallet address and, if desired, the name of the worker (rig).

Miner Basic Commands

The order of parameters is important! Always set --gpu.. and --cpu.. options AFTER --algorithm
--a0-is-zil option used when dual mining ZIL;
- -disable-cpu disable CPU mining;
--disable-gpu disable GPU mining;
--disable-worker-watchdog disabling restart of the miner on error;
--enable-restart-on-rejected automatic restart of the miner with a large number of rejected shares. The number of rejected shares is set by the command --max-rejected-shares;
--gpu-id select video cards that will mine (the id of video cards that you did not indicate they will not mine). The countdown starts from 0. The division is ; or !. For example, --gpu-id 0;1;3. In HiveOS, this parameter is set in the add. configuration;
--gpu-auto-intensity the intensity of video cards. Possible values: 0 - the function is disabled, 1 - light form of intensity, 2 - normal. ; is used as a division; or !. For example, --gpu-auto-intensity 0;1;2. In HiveOS, this parameter is set in the add. configuration;
--tls true enable SSL;
--worker set worker name.

Basic commands for CPU mining

--cpu-threads set the number of CPU threads used for mining;
--cpu-threads-intensity the number of hashes per worker thread, can be 1, 2 or 4. Default 1, separate values with ; and !. For example, --cpu-threads-intensity 1;2;2;3;
--disable-gpu disable mining on video cards.

GPU Temperature Monitor

--gpu-off-temperature turn off the miner when the maximum temperature is reached. You can set your own temperature for each video card. ; is used as a division; or !. For example, --gpu-off-temperature 65;70;60. In HiveOS, this parameter is set in the add. configuration;

Srbminer API

To activate the API, add the --api-enable parameter to the bat file. Below are the commands for working with the API:
--api-port value sets a custom port, the default port is 21550.

Dev Fees

ETH - 0,65%
ETC - 0,65%
RVN - 0,85%
VTC - 1%
Firo - 0,85%
Ergo - 2%
Alph - 1%
RTM - 0,85%
Kaspa - 0,85%

Srbminer not starting

If you have Windows OS and the miner crashes immediately at startup, then add pause to the second line of the miner. Next, start the miner and read the error. After that, double-check your miner settings. If you have HiveOS or any other OS - go to the miner console and look at the logs of what is happening in the miner. After that, double-check your miner settings.