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FTX cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX was founded by young Wall Street traders. The main emphasis of the exchange is directly trading, futures and staking. FTX is headquartered in the Bahamas.

How to withdraw from {exchange}

FTX withdraws can only be done from a spot account. Select the cryptocurrency you are interested in and opposite it, click on the Withdraw button (Withdraw in the English version). Next, another important step is the choice of a cryptocurrency network. There are several of them on FTX and it is very important to choose the right one. As a rule, the native/original cryptocurrency network is used. Next, enter the withdrawal amount and the 2FA authentication code. After that, within a short period of time, the withdrawal will be carried out.


We don't use the FTX exchange much because it does not support many mining cryptocurrencies. However, during the entire period of use, we have never encountered problems. Moreover, by sending the cryptocurrency to an address in the wrong network, the technical support of the exchange returned it to the sender's address in the shortest possible time completely free of charge. FTX is one of the exchanges we recommend.

FTX Fees

Withdrawal Fees

USDT (TRC-20) - от 0 USDT
BTC - 0 BTC (if withdrawal is greater than 0.01 BTC)
ETH - 0 ETH (if you hold FTT (exchange token)

Spot Trading Fees

Spot trading - 0.09% and below for FTT holders

Futures Trading Fees

Futures trading for Maker - 0.02% and below for FTT holders (FTX token)
Futures trading for Taker - 0.07% and below for FTT holders