• Improved hashrate for PyrinHash and KarlsenHash. Up to 7%, this depends on GPU.
  • Added support for PyrinHash algo - Pyrin (PYI), for AMD. Fee: 0.8%.
  • Added support for KarlsenHash algo - Karlsen (KLS), Nexell-ia for AMD. Fee: 0.8%.
  • Added support for 192,7 algo, for AMD.
  • Added new option -pl auto. miniZ will find best power when optimizing for efficiency.
  • Major improvements for Equihash dual mining.
  • Fixed issues with dual mining with k1pool.
  • Fixed EthashB3 (HYP), for AMD.
  • Added support for RX 7800 XT, AMD GPU.
  • Fixed invalid shares in 192,7.
  • Added ZIL stats to telemetry. Ex: localhost:20000/zil
  • Added --minimal, --hideclocks options for minimal console log output.
  • Fixed JSON getsats for dual mining.
  • Removed support for obsolete Kepler GPUS.
  • Removed support for kHeavyHash algo.
  • Few minor fixes.
Windows (psswrd: miniZ) 1ccc6abe376b9c81abb8cf3e7af7b670e52e1f01b5f2227776d14cff7d40259f
miniZ.exe: 54c4916bdf4f5b9251ef960dda418da2c51bb4f5a0bc21a6841f51df395d377f
miniZ_gui.exe: 333a183fa9027972fade0f427d419d09cb6bd6497ad6e735db94850211b9c621

miniZ_v2.4d_linux-x64.tar.gz: 654e9ac959aa9da816ecb3118e23964fcfd26711e0c3fc7ef22985b112d34154
miniZ: 9c359308e2cd41c85faa4bd3e4a7bdb7cf2210234ea0d26f8e4482d09d6001b8