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841d59a4ee4cccb08ed3add8c92699ca * 54b2c1e9374b90267ad095948edfd15f *SRBMiner-Multi-2-2-8-Linux.tar.xz

  • Added algorithm 'memehash' (PEPEPOW coin) for CPU/GPU mining, fee 2% [AMD/NVIDIA/INTEL]

  • Minor improvement for algorithm 'dynex' in dual mining mode

  • Fixed hashrate regression on 'sha512_256d_radiant' algorithm for RX6600 GPU's [single mode]

  • Fixed algorithm 'lyra2v2_webchain' on NVIDIA GPU's broken in previous versions

  • Fixed algorithm 'autolykos2' in dual mining with 'sha512_256d_radiant' for some GPU's broken in previous version

  • Added sum of accepted/rejected/hw error shares to stats

  • Added parameter '--disable-gpu-dual-kernels' [disables usage of optimised dual kernels]

Custom miner for Hiveos

To use it you need to select “Custom miner” when you create Flight Sheet and paste this into 'Installation url' :

After that you must set everything manually through the 'Extra config arguments' field by using SRBMiner parameters ( )

HiveOS update script from v2.2.7 to v2.2.8:

cd /tmp && wget && tar -xvf SRBMiner-Multi-2-2-8-Linux.tar.xz && cd SRBMiner-Multi-2-2-8 && miner stop && cp SRBMiner-MULTI /hive/miners/srbminer/2.2.7 && miner start