At WoolyPooly, we’re at the forefront of unveiling the next big thing in the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and mining niches. Our expertise and deep dive into the latest trends bring us to the doorstep of an intriguing newcomer: Notcoin. This token has quickly caught the eye of enthusiasts and skeptics alike, promising to carve a unique niche within the digital currency world.

What Is Notcoin Bot

Launched by the Open Builders team, Notcoin emerged as a buzzword in the crypto community in late 2023. Its debut at The Gateway conference, backed by the TON Foundation’s efforts to weave Web3 into Telegram’s fabric, set the stage for a novel crypto narrative. Unlike conventional cryptocurrencies, Notcoin introduces a playful twist to the blockchain universe, tying its fate to a game within Telegram.

The Rise of Notcoin

Early Days and Adoption

Initially rolled out to a select audience, Notcoin opened its virtual doors to the public on January 1, 2024. The response was nothing short of phenomenal, with the user base ballooning to over 20 million in weeks. Yet, it’s the token’s gaming essence, resting on the TON blockchain, that differentiates it from its peers.

User Engagement Trends

Despite its rapid ascendancy, Notcoin’s daily engagement has seen fluctuations. From a peak of 5 million daily users, figures have adjusted to a still impressive 3.5 million, indicating a transition from a fleeting trend to a steadier state of play.

Advantages of Notcoin

Notcoin emerges as a groundbreaking project within the cryptocurrency realm, prioritizing ease of access, inclusivity, and equitable distribution. Its design philosophy and operational model introduce several advantages that distinguish it from conventional crypto projects. Here’s a closer look at the key benefits that Notcoin offers to its users:

1. Ease of Starting

One of the most compelling advantages of Notcoin is the simplicity with which users can begin participating. Unlike traditional cryptocurrency ventures that may require users to navigate complex setups or understand intricate blockchain concepts, Notcoin offers a straightforward entry point. This approachability encourages wider participation, making it feasible for individuals with varying levels of tech-savviness to engage with the cryptocurrency world.

2. Effortless Friend Invitations

Notcoin has streamlined the process of inviting friends, fostering a community-centric atmosphere that promotes growth through social connections. This feature not only enhances the user experience by integrating social elements into the platform but also aids in rapidly expanding the user base through organic, word-of-mouth promotion. The simplicity of inviting friends to join Notcoin underscores its commitment to building a vibrant, interconnected community.

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3. No Initial Investment Required

A standout feature of Notcoin is its no-investment model. Users are not required to invest in mining farms, ASICs, or any other hardware typically associated with cryptocurrency mining or earning. This distinction significantly lowers the barrier to entry, making Notcoin accessible to a broader audience. The ability to participate fully through a smartphone is a testament to Notcoin’s dedication to democratizing access to cryptocurrency, ensuring that anyone with a mobile device can be part of the crypto economy.

4. Fair and Open Coin Distribution

Notcoin sets itself apart with its commitment to a fair and open distribution of coins, explicitly avoiding practices like pre-mining. This approach ensures that all participants have an equal opportunity to earn coins, fostering a sense of fairness and transparency within the Notcoin ecosystem. The developers’ dedication to evenly distributing coins reflects their commitment to an equitable crypto project where the community’s trust and participation are valued above all.

Mining Notcoin: A Guide

Mining Notcoin

How to Begin


A smartphone and the Telegram app are your gateways to Notcoin mining, with a simple registration at the Notcoin bot signaling your start.

Mining Mechanics

A user-friendly interface invites players to mine Notcoin with clicks, starting with a balance of 2,500 Notcoins.

Strategic Boosts

Enhancing your mining capabilities involves strategic boosts to your recharging speed, energy limit, and multitap abilities.

Table: Essential Boosts for Notcoin Mining

Notcoin Mining Boosts
Boost TypeDescriptionInitial Requirement
Recharging SpeedAccelerates energy replenishment.Priority for beginners
Energy LimitIncreases energy storage by +500 per upgrade.Crucial for sustained mining
MultitapAdds +1 to each click, enhancing user experience.Optional comfort upgrade
Tap BotAutomates clicks, acting as an autoclicker.Must-have for advanced players

Notcoin vs Stepn

Notcoin vs Stepn

Notcoin is often compared with the well-known project Stepn, where users earned tokens by walking in specially purchased sneakers. Skeptics of Notcoin often draw parallels between the two, highlighting the gamified token earning aspect. However, a closer examination reveals a fundamental difference that sets Notcoin apart from Stepn, reshaping perceptions and underlining its unique proposition.

The Core Difference: User Investment

The primary distinction lies in the approach to user investment. Stepn required users to make an initial purchase—buying sneakers—to participate and earn tokens. This model, while innovative, placed a financial barrier to entry, limiting participation to those willing and able to invest. Notcoin, on the other hand, diverges significantly by not soliciting funds from users. The absence of a pre-mine phase and the developers’ commitment to an open and fair distribution of coins mark a pivotal shift towards inclusivity and transparency. This model encourages wider participation without the upfront financial commitment, breaking down barriers that typically constrain user involvement in crypto projects.

The Impact on User Base

This fundamental difference in approach has had a profound impact on the adoption rates of the two projects. While Stepn achieved a commendable peak of 700,000 users, Notcoin has shattered expectations by amassing an astounding 20 million users within its first month alone. Such explosive growth is indicative of the market’s appetite for accessible and equitable crypto initiatives. Notcoin’s strategy of not requiring monetary contributions from users has democratized access to its platform, enabling a broader spectrum of participants to engage with and benefit from the project.

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The Ecosystem of Notcoin

Squads and Collaboration

Notcoin introduces a social layer with Squads, encouraging teamwork in coin mining. This feature not only fosters a sense of community but also propels users towards higher leagues and rewards.

Notcoin Exchanges

The path of Notcoin toward achieving mainstream acceptance is marked by strategic partnerships and meticulous planning, particularly in its approach to being listed on tier 1 crypto exchanges. In a recent interview to Alex Crypto Falcon, the co-founder of the company behind Notcoin, shed light on the proactive efforts by the development team to secure listings for Notcoin on various exchanges.

BingX’s Commitment to List Notcoin

A particularly noteworthy development in Notcoin’s journey toward exchange listings is the interest from BingX, a well-regarded cryptocurrency exchange. BingX has officially confirmed their intention to list Notcoin as soon as it is released as a token.

Interest from Major Exchanges

In addition to BingX, heavyweight platforms in the cryptocurrency world, Binance and Bybit, have shown interest in listing the hyped token. This attention from leading exchanges underscores the growing intrigue and potential confidence in Notcoin’s market prospects. The involvement of such significant players in the crypto exchange sphere could catalyze wider recognition and adoption of Notcoin, offering traders and investors new opportunities to engage with this innovative token.

Notcoin Price Prediction

Given the current landscape, let’s explore possible valuations of Notcoin based on different market capitalization scenarios:

  • Optimistic Valuation: At a market capitalization of $1 billion, each Notcoin could be valued at $0.0001, translating to $100 for every million Notcoins.
  • Positive Scenario: Should the market cap hit $500 million, the value per Notcoin might reach $0.00005, or $50 per million Notcoins.
  • Moderate Outlook: A more conservative market capitalization of $100 million could see Notcoin valued at $0.00001, amounting to $10 for every million Notcoins.
  • Cautious Estimate: At the lower end, with a market cap of $10 million, each Notcoin could be worth $0.000001, making a million Notcoins worth just $1.

The varied price predictions highlight the potential for Notcoin to hold value in the future. An important factor to consider is the increasing supply of Notcoins coupled with a growing community. This expansion is promising for demand and overall market capitalization. As the Notcoin ecosystem matures and possibly lists on major exchanges, its value could be significantly influenced by its utility within the gaming sector, community engagement, and broader market trends in cryptocurrency.


In a landscape often criticized for its seriousness, Notcoin injects a dose of fun and accessibility. Its blend of gaming and cryptocurrency challenges traditional norms, potentially paving the way for a broader audience to engage with blockchain technology. As we watch Notcoin’s journey unfold, the token remains a testament to the innovative spirit defining the crypto sector.

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What is Notcoin?

Notcoin is a gaming token built on the TON blockchain, designed to be mined and utilized within a game on Telegram. It represents a fresh approach to integrating cryptocurrency with digital entertainment.

How can I mine Notcoin?

Mining Notcoin is straightforward: register with the Notcoin bot on Telegram, receive your starting coins, and begin clicking to earn more. Strategic upgrades and joining Squads can enhance your mining efficiency.

Will Notcoin be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges?

While Notcoin has sparked interest among traders and speculators, its official listing and market value remain under wraps. Its presence on platforms like Binance and Bybit, albeit for informational purposes, suggests a promising future.

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