Best Video cards (GPU) for Mining

Best GPU Mining Ranking 2021, Benchmarked and Sorted by ROI

Remember - The most profitable videocard is the one that pays off faster than others and brings you more money in N time. :)

About this rating

This rating presents almost all Graphics Cards available on the market used in cryptocurrency mining. This is not a manual ranking, we sort them online by the number of days the GPU pays off. In many ways, the payback depends on the cost of a particular cryptocurrency, we update the courses every 5 minutes.

What GPUs included in that ranking

This rating includes both Nvidia and AMD video cards.
To find out which GPU (video card) is better for mining, we compare its cost, hashrate, and consumption. If you need a separate profit calculation on different coins for each card, please use our GPU mining calculator.

What do we show here

In addition, our database contains information on the year of release, the cost at the time of release (so that you are aware of whether it is worth buying it at the current time), gigabytes, and the type of memory.