Understanding Karlsen Coin

Karlsen Coin is a fork of Kaspa Coin. But it is not just another cryptocurrency; it’s a statement against the monopolization of mining by expensive ASIC rigs. By being ASIC-resistant, Karlsen Coin ensures that individuals with various hardware capabilities, particularly GPUs, can participate in mining activities, fostering a more inclusive and decentralized cryptocurrency environment.

Why Karlsen Coin?

  • ASIC-Resistant: Breaking the barriers set by expensive mining machines.
  • Fair Mining: Leveling the playing field for miners with diverse hardware.
  • Decentralized: Embracing the core values of cryptocurrency’s decentralization.

Karlsen Block Reward (Current)

Karlsen Algo

Modified Kaspa Coin algo, Karlsenhash named. Keccak part of the Kaspa algo is replaced by blake3. Nowadays Karlsen devs are looking for the new ASIC resistance Karlsen algo (Ravencoin algorithm is one of the candidates).

Setting Up for Mining: The Essentials

Mining Karlsen Coin is a straightforward process, but it requires some setup. Here’s what you need to get started:

Choosing a Mining Pool

Karlsen Mining Pool
Karlsen Mining Pool

While solo mining is an option, joining a mining pool like Woolypooly enhances your chances of earning rewards. Woolypooly’s dedicated Karlsen Coin page (woolypooly.com/en/coin/kls) provides essential information and server details to optimize your mining experience.

  • Auto Geo: pool.woolypooly.com:3132
  • Europe: pool.eu.woolypooly.com:3132
  • USA: pool.us.woolypooly.com:3132
  • Turkey: pool.tr.woolypooly.com:3132
  • Brazil: pool.br.woolypooly.com:3132
  • China: pool.zh.woolypooly.com:3132

Selecting the nearest server ensures minimal latency and optimal performance.

Setting Up a Wallet

Before you start mining, you need a Karlsen wallet to receive and store your Karlsen Coins. You can opt for the official wallet, use the pool account wallet provided by Woolypooly or mine directly to the exchange.

Choosing the Right Karlsen Miner

The choice of mining software significantly impacts your mining efficiency. Karlsen Coin supports various miners, but the most recommended are:

Lolminer (1% Fee, Nvidia + AMD)

lolMiner.exe --algo KARLSEN --pool pool.woolypooly.com:3132 --user WALLET_ADDRESS_KLS.WORKER_NAME --screen=-1

Rigel Miner (1% Fee, Nvidia Only)

rigel.exe -a karlsenhash -o stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3132 -u WALLET_ADDRESS_KLS.WORKER_NAME
ERG KLS Dual Mining
rigel.exe -a autolykos2+karlsenhash ^
    -o [1]stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3100 -u [1]YOUR_ERG_WALLET.WORKER_NAME ^
    -o [2]stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3132 -u [2]YOUR_KLS_WALLET.WORKER_NAME ^
    -w my_rig --log-file logs/miner.log
CFX KLS Dual Mining
rigel.exe -a octopus+karlsenhash ^
    -o [1]stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3094         -u [1]YOUR_CFX_WALLET.WORKER_NAME ^
    -o [2]stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3132   -u [2]YOUR_KLS_WALLET.WORKER_NAME ^
    -w my_rig --log-file logs/miner.log
ETC KLS Dual Mining
rigel.exe -a etchash+karlsenhash ^
    -o [1]stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:35000     -u [1]YOUR_ETC_WALLET.WORKER_NAME ^
    -o [2]stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3132   -u [2]YOUR_KLS_WALLET.WORKER_NAME ^
    -w my_rig --log-file logs/miner.log

SRBminer (1% Fee, Nvidia + AMD)

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm karlsenhash --pool pool.woolypooly.com:3132 --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME

Gminer (1% Fee, Nvidia)

miner.exe --algo karlsen --server pool.woolypooly.com:3132 --user WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME
KLS ZIL Dual Mining
miner.exe --algo karlsen --server pool.woolypooly.com:3132 --user KLS_WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME --zilserver eu.ezil.me:4444 --ziluser ZIL_WALLET_ADDRESS

The Mining Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Configuring Your Miner

After choosing your miner, the next step is configuration. This involves setting up the miner with your wallet address and connecting it to the chosen mining pool. Each miner has specific configuration instructions, so refer to the provided documentation for detailed steps.

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2. Starting the Mining Operation

Once configured, launch the miner. You’ll begin to see real-time statistics like hash rate, accepted shares, and potential earnings. This data is crucial for monitoring your mining efficiency and troubleshooting any issues.

3. Monitoring and Managing Your Mining Rig

Regular monitoring of your mining rig is essential. Keep an eye on temperatures, power consumption, and overall performance. Efficient management ensures longevity and profitability of your mining hardware.

Maximizing Your Mining Potential

Optimizing Hardware Settings

Tweaking GPU settings can enhance your mining efficiency. Adjustments like overclocking, undervolting, and setting optimal fan speeds can lead to better hash rates and lower power consumption.

Staying Updated

Cryptocurrency mining is a dynamic field. Stay informed about the latest software updates, mining pool changes, and Karlsen Coin developments to maintain a competitive edge.

Joining the Community

Engage with the Karlsen Coin community. Social media groups, and community chats like Discord are invaluable resources for tips, support, and staying connected with fellow miners. You can also join WoolyPooly mining community in Telegram and ask your mining related questions there.


Karlsen Coin represents a significant shift in the cryptocurrency mining landscape. By prioritizing GPU miners and advocating for decentralization, it offers a refreshing alternative to the ASIC-dominated scene. Whether you’re a seasoned miner or a newcomer, mining Karlsen Coin is an exciting venture into the world of cryptocurrency. With the right setup and approach, anyone can join this mining revolution and contribute to the growth of a more inclusive and equitable digital currency ecosystem.

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