Welcome to the cutting-edge world of how to mine Alephium, a journey where technology meets opportunity. At WoolyPooly, we’ve carved a niche in guiding crypto enthusiasts through the complexities of mining, with successful expeditions like “how to mine Novo“, Karlsen, and Neurai coins. Today, we embark on a new adventure: unlocking the potential of mining Alephium, a promising entrant in the crypto universe.

Understanding Alephium

Alephium coin represents a breakthrough in blockchain technology, offering a unique blend of innovation and opportunity. At its core, Alephium utilizes a sharded Layer 1 blockchain, distinguishing itself with the BlockFlow sharding algorithm and a stateful UTXO model. These features not only enhance the blockchain’s efficiency but also open new avenues for scalability and security. As an emerging player in the crypto market, Alephium (ALPH) is gaining traction, making it a lucrative option for miners seeking new opportunities. Understanding its market significance and technological underpinnings is crucial for anyone aiming to mine Alephium effectively.

Alephium Block Reward

Preparation for Mining

Before delving into the world of Alephium mining, it’s crucial to gear up with the right tools. The choice of hardware is pivotal, as it determines your mining efficiency and potential profits. Whether you’re equipped with NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards, understanding their capabilities and compatibility with Alephium mining is essential. This step is about selecting the hardware that not only matches your budget but also aligns with your mining goals. Equally important is choosing suitable mining software – from T-Rex Miner to LolMiner, BZMiner, and SRBMiner – each offering unique features and compatibility with different hardware setups.

Setting up a Mining Wallet

To start mining Alephium, you need a secure mining wallet to store your mined coins. There are three primary options:

Wooly Account Address (WP)

  • Create a WoolyPooly account and use the unique WP address.
  • Follow WoolyPooly’s guide for step-by-step instructions on setting up your account.

Official Alephium Wallet

Alephium Wallet
  • Download the official Alephium wallet from GitHub.
  • This wallet supports various platforms including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Exchange Wallet Address (e.g., Gate.io)

Alephium Exchange Wallet Address
  • Use an exchange wallet address if you prefer to store your Alephium directly on an exchange.
  • Gate.io is one of the tier 1 exchanges that support Alephium, allowing easy transfer and trading.

Each option has its advantages. A Wooly account integrates seamlessly with the mining pool, the official wallet offers full control over your assets, and an exchange wallet provides ease of trading. Choose based on your preference for security, convenience, and trading needs.

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Choosing a Mining Pool

Alephium Mining Pool

When it comes to mining ALPH, selecting the right Alephium mining pool is crucial for maximizing your mining rewards. While there are several Alephium mining pools available, as seen on MiningPoolStats, WoolyPooly stands out for its unique advantages.

WoolyPooly Advantages


WoolyPooly is known for being one of the most profitable pools, owing to its PPLNS and SOLO reward systems and a low commission fee of just 0.9%.

Unique Features

WoolyPooly offers various features to enhance your mining experience, including:

  • Vardiff: Adjusts the mining difficulty based on your hardware’s capability.
  • Detailed Stats: Track your mining performance with comprehensive statistics.
  • Mining on Account: Simplified account-based mining management.
  • Flexible Payouts: Choose a payout schedule that suits your needs.

Customer Service

WoolyPooly supports its users through various channels, offering multi-language support on Discord, and dedicated Telegram groups for both international and local speaking communities.

Reliable Team

The team behind WoolyPooly consists of experienced mining pool supporters, miners, and entrepreneurs, ensuring knowledgeable and reliable service.

Dedicated Servers

WoolyPooly offers top performance with excellent connectivity, crucial for efficient mining operations.

Quality Coin Selection

Only short and long-term perspective projects with good volume, strong teams, and overall potential are listed, ensuring that your mining efforts are invested in promising cryptocurrencies.

Choosing WoolyPooly as your mining pool not only provides a lucrative and efficient mining experience but also ensures you are supported by a reliable and experienced team.

Connecting to WoolyPooly’s Mining Pools

WoolyPooly offers several connection ports for Alephium mining, catering to different regions:

  • Autogeo: pool.woolypooly.com:3106 (PPLNS)
  • Europe: pool.eu.woolypooly.com:3106 (PPLNS)
  • United States: pool.us.woolypooly.com:3106 (PPLNS)
  • Russia: pool.ru.woolypooly.com:3106 (PPLNS)
  • China: pool.zh.woolypooly.com:3106 (PPLNS)
  • Singapore: pool.sg.woolypooly.com:3106 (PPLNS)
  • Brazil: pool.br.woolypooly.com:3106 (PPLNS)
  • Turkey: pool.tr.woolypooly.com:3106 (PPLNS)

For those interested in solo mining, WoolyPooly also offers a solo port at 3107. Additionally, SSL ports are available and are the same as the respective regional ports. These options provide miners with flexibility and convenience, ensuring a seamless connection regardless of their location.

Mining Software Installation and Configuration

Alephium miners chart

To mine Alephium efficiently, you’ll need to install and configure mining software. Here’s a brief overview for different software options:

T-Rex Miner (Nvidia Only, 1% Fee)

Download link.

Basic mining

t-rex -a blake3 -o stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3106 -u WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME -p x


t-rex -a ethash --dual-algo blake3 -o stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3096 -u WALLET_ADDRESS_ETH.WORKER_NAME -p x --url2 stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3106 --user2 WALLET_ADDRESS_ALPH.WORKER_NAME --pass2 x

LolMiner (Nvidia & AMD, 1% Fee) – Best Miner for Alephium Overall

Download link.

Basic mining

lolMiner.exe --algo ALEPH --pool pool.woolypooly.com:3106 --user WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME

Dual Mine ETH and Alephium

lolMiner.exe --algo ETHASH --pool pool.woolypooly.com:3096 --user WALLET_ADDRESS_ETH.WORKER_NAME --dualmode ALEPHDUAL --dualpool pool.woolypooly.com:3106 --dualuser WALLET_ADDRESS_ALPH.WORKER_NAME

BZMiner (Nvidia & AMD, 0.5% Fee)

Download link.

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Basic mining

bzminer.exe -a alph -p stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3106 -w WALLET_ADDRESS.worker

ETHASH Alephium Dual Mining

bzminer.exe -a ethw -w WALLET_ADDRESS_ETHW.WORKER_NAME -p stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3096 --a2 alph --w2 WALLET_ADDRESS_ALPH.WORKER_NAME --p2 stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3106

ETHASH Alephium + ZIL Triple Mining

bzminer -a ethw -w WALLET_ADDRESS_ETHW.WORKER_NAME -p stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3096 --a2 alph --w2 WALLET_ADDRESS_ALPH.WORKER_NAME --p2 stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3106 --a3 zil --w3 WALLET_ADDRESS_ZIL.WORKER_NAME --p3 zmp://ZIL_POOL


Download link.

Basic mining

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm blake3_alephium --pool pool.woolypooly.com:3106 --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS --worker WORKER_NAME --password x

ERGO ALPH Dual Mining

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm autolykos2;blake3_alephium --pool pool.woolypooly.com:3100;pool.woolypooly.com:3106 --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS_ERGO;WALLET_ADDRESS_ALPH --gpu-boost 3


SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm ethash;blake3_alephium --pool pool.woolypooly.com:3096;pool.woolypooly.com:3106 --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS_ETH;WALLET_ADDRESS_ALPH --gpu-boost 3

Each software has unique features and configurations. It’s important to choose the one that suits your hardware and mining goals. Detailed instructions and more configurations can be found in the respective software documentation.

Starting the Mining Process

Once your mining software is installed and configured, initiating the mining process is straightforward:

Launch the Miner

alephium miner lolminer

Open the batch file (.bat) for your chosen mining software. This file contains all the necessary commands for starting the mining process.


alephium telegram bot
WoolyPooly Telegram Bot

After launching the miner, it will connect to the selected WoolyPooly server and start mining. You can monitor the mining process through the software’s interface. Don’t forget to use our incredible telegram bot.

Check Your Earnings

Alephium mining pool Earnings

Regularly check your earnings and statistics on the WoolyPooly dashboard to see how your mining is performing.

Adjustments and Optimization

Based on your monitoring, you may need to adjust settings for optimal performance. This could include tweaking your mining software’s settings or even hardware adjustments.

Remember, each mining software might have slightly different processes, so refer to their specific documentation for detailed instructions.

Conclusion: Harnessing the Potential of Alephium Mining

Through this guide, we’ve navigated the technical terrains of preparing for mining, setting up wallets, choosing the optimal mining pool, and the intricacies of software installation and configuration. WoolyPooly has not only equipped you with the knowledge to start mining Alephium but also provided the tools and support to make your mining journey as profitable and seamless as possible.

Mining Alephium is more than just a pursuit of rewards; it’s a commitment to supporting a network that’s built on the principles of decentralization and scalability. As you harness the computational power of your mining rig, you’re also contributing to the strength and security of the Alephium blockchain.

Remember, the world of crypto mining is dynamic, and staying informed is key to success. Engage with the community, keep abreast of the latest updates, and continue to refine your mining strategies. With the right approach and resources like those provided by WoolyPooly, you’re well on your way to becoming an adept miner in the Alephium network.

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Embark on this journey with confidence, and may your digital foray be both rewarding and enlightening. Happy mining!


How can I mine Alephium?

To mine Alephium, you need suitable hardware (GPUs from NVIDIA or AMD), a mining wallet, mining software, and a connection to a mining pool like WoolyPooly.

Do I need a special wallet for mining Alephium?

Yes, you can use a Wooly account, an official Alephium wallet, or an exchange wallet like Gate.io to receive and store your Alephium coins.

Can I dual mine with Alephium?

Yes, certain mining software like Lolminer and BZMiner supports dual mining Alephium with other cryptocurrencies.

What are the commission fees for mining Alephium with WoolyPooly?

WoolyPooly boasts one of the lowest commission fees at just 0.9%.

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